Not for Profit

Reduce administration costs, maximise donations

Adopt a commercial approach

Just like conventional businesses, non-profit organisations require smooth operational procedures in order to ensure both success and sustainability.

Leveraging the maximum value possible from donations will guarantee your existing clients the best support possible, whilst simultaneously enabling you to reach out to new causes.

Whilst improved cost control is the obvious solution, expenses can be challenging to manage unaided.

Benefits of our automated solutions include…

Easy online submission of purchase requests; making it quick and easy to find what’s needed

Robust supplier management; ensuring you are working with the right suppliers, with performance levels and risk constantly monitored.

Contract Management to ensure one version of the truth, contracts are searchable and available to users at point of purchase.

How we can add business value to your sector

Higher Education

The growth of the higher education sector into a multi-billion pound industry is well documented.

Many have found that alleviating the administrative challenges associated with PO approval, supply chain management and invoice capture and processing has allowed them to gear funding towards enhancing student experience, building new facilities and recruiting new professors.


Reduced public sector funding and increased regulation demand a rigorous approach to operations is required within charitable organisations.

However, despite the existence of formalised finance and procurement departments, organisations are often hampered by inefficient purchasing and procurement systems.

A robust procurement solution will help strengthen the purchasing function of a charity and assure donors that their money is allocated in accordance with their wishes.

Housing Associations

Housing associations play an important welfare role by supporting some of the poorest and most vulnerable members of society.

The sector has transformed over the last few years with a huge amount of acquisitions and mergers, which has created a large amount of additional complexity in the back-office functions of newly formed groups.

A number of these organisations have chosen to alleviate this complexity my deploying a robust P2P solution that can sit across their systems architecture and integrate with multiple finance and property management systems.

Case Studies

Read more about how our systems have already improved the operational performance of other non-profit oganisations.

Police Authority

Find out how we helped the Police Authority achieve policy compliance & essential financial controls. Using Proactis, the P2P process was streamlined therefore reducing processing costs and cycle time.

Trident Housing Association

Find out how Trident Housing Association gained improved financial control using the Proactis Purchasing Solution. By streamlining the purchasing and accounts payable processes, visibility was achieved.