Legal Services

Regain control over spend

Drive profitability without increasing prices

Law firms are facing unprecedented pressures on fees, billable hours and earnings.

In recent years, growth in the sector has slowed due to a decline in Mergers & Acquisitions and a reduction in existing and potential clients. This has resulted in increased competition and has forced law firms to identify new ways to drive profitability.

For some, the response is to focus on the easiest target – the cost of external counsel – and the reflex is to increase hourly rates. However, a better resolve for law firm management is to take a closer inspection of the systems, processes, and controls for spend.

Benefits of our automated solutions include…

Intelligent guided buying - making it quick and easy to get what’s needed

Automated account coding, budget checking and upfront approval that removes the downstream administrative tasks around invoice processing

Disbursement Management – automated management of client expenses so they are always recovered.

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