Financial Services

The financial services sector has had a rocky few years largely due to the burdens of excess regulation, the onslaught of intense global competition and the overwhelming rise of Fintech companies globally. The industry is also in the midst of massive transformation across the board, largely driven by digital technologies. The impact of which is already being felt across the value chain from suppliers and partners to end customers.

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Just like conventional businesses, non-profit organisations require smooth operational procedures in order to ensure both success and sustainability.

Leveraging the maximum value possible from donations will guarantee your existing clients the best support possible, whilst simultaneously enabling you to reach out to new causes.

Whilst improved cost control is the obvious solution, expenses can be challenging to manage unaided.

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Property Management

When it comes to spend management, often the biggest problem for property management companies is working out what they have spent, and what they are committed to spend. We’ll often find organisations with vast property portfolios manfully attempting to piece together information which is:

  • Trapped in silos across the multiple properties they have under management
  • Held in numerous property management applications.
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Hospitality & Entertainment

In an industry prone to large numbers of orders, disparate locations and unsteady demand, purchasing poses a unique challenge.

This volatility demands a streamlined approach to the purchasing function that centralises the procurement process whilst allowing for sufficient agility.

The visibility afforded by our solutions allows you to strike this balance and, in turn, make considerable long term savings.

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