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The challenges of supplier interaction and communication

Engaging effectively with suppliers is essential but often a buying organisation can become overwhelmed by the sheer number of interactions with all their suppliers, including keeping supplier profiles and catalogues up to date, requesting quotes, issuing tender documents, handling PO and invoice transactions, monitoring contract dates and terms and answering questions about payment status.

Adding to the volume of interactions is the variety of ways you are expected to communicate with suppliers including post, email, phone calls, with some contact in a more conversational style but other occasions calling for formal questionnaires and public tenders.

All of which is time consuming and steals time away from a procurement officer’s ability to review pricing, seek proposals and negotiate agreements, the very things they are judged by and that the business sees as the prime source of value generation.

The options to deal with this all seem either unrealistic or unlikely; hire more people, work longer hours or become faster at re-keying information, all while somehow managing and rationalising the number of suppliers without knowing enough about them.

The ideal 'one-stop' collaboration channel

The PROACTIS Supplier Network connects you and your suppliers in the most efficient way possible at every important touch-point as you do business together. It provides essential support to all PROACTIS Source-to- Contract and Purchase-to-Pay applications and can connect in similar ways with other existing systems.

The web-based portal allows for suppliers to create and maintain their records on your behalf, receive notifications including requests for quote or tender, participate in auctions, administer their documents and contracts, and trade via electronic Purchase Orders and Invoices.

Cumbersome manual communications and transactions are replaced by quick, low cost electronic methods that deliver accurate information from a single viewpoint. The Supplier Network becomes the ideal ‘one-stop’ collaboration channel that serves your buyers and suppliers alike, sharing key information and transactions in the most efficient way.

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Key features and benefits

Buyer & Supplier views of the portal act as cloud-based gateways for all parties, enabling easy online access to information and adoption of all interaction and commerce capabilities

Enables buyers and suppliers to send and receive electronic purchase orders and invoices in a secure environment

Supplier relations improve dramatically via deeper, more collaborative engagement, and by becoming ‘easier to do business with’