Gain control of 'after-the-event' purchase claims

Make the process fast, fair and compliant

Manually submitting and approving expenses claims creates many issues for an organisation. However, many still continue to do exactly that. These manual processes create extra work for the finance team by forcing them to review every line of entry and to cross-check every expenditure with company policies.

They make things harder for your employees, who have to log and store each receipt that they receive throughout their daily activities. It also creates delay and concern for the employees when reimbursement takes much longer than expected. The high costs of expenses processing soon mount up and any manual system is prone to error.

Employees of over two-thirds of companies still send paper receipts to their finance departments. Manual expense reporting solutions require travelers to retain receipts and then log them in when they’re back in the office. As most of us are all too aware, finding and organising all your receipts at the end of the month or a project can be a challenge.

If the person who normally approves reports is away from the office, or an item requires additional information, expense reports and payment can be delayed. With manual approval systems, if one line item on the report is delayed, the entire report is often delayed. With manual systems, users never know where their report is in the approval process, or why their reimbursement is being delayed.

Also, monitoring and enforcing policy compliance is especially difficult with a manual expense processing system, and leaves organisations open to an increased risk of fraud.

Capture and report expenses to complete the picture of corporate spend

It’s vital that expenses are captured and reported correctly, and employees reimbursed promptly. Our web-based Expenses Management solutions enables an organisation to gain control of “after-the event” purchase claims. Employees will readily embrace it as the easiest way to be reimbursed while the organisation can ensure the established policies and procedures are properly followed.

The application provides the employee with visibility of the claim throughout the process and ensures the organisation has fuller analysis of administrative spend.

The system supports the roles and activity necessary to approve employee expense reimbursements by assigning permissions to individual users or groups of users based on department, employee type etc, while streamlining the authorisation process and offering overview reports.

Email alerts integrate purchasing tasks into daily activity for both requestors and approvers. In addition, authorisers benefit from simple, one-click authorisation to forward claims for either payment or return to claimant with comments.

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Advanced Expenses

Some organisations will deploy Expenses Management as a module within a Purchase-to-Pay platform whereby the user interface and method of operation is identical to the guided buying purchasing experience, and this clearly encourages a more employee-friendly approach to P2P adoption. The system also integrates easily with existing Financial Management systems and HR & Payroll software.

Other organisations deploy Expenses Management as an integrated, best-of-breed system where they require more advanced features such as mobile capture of receipts and subsequent approval (or rejection) of expense claims also on mobile devices.

This specialist Expenses application lets employees use a smartphone camera to capture and attach receipts to their expense claim. Managers can use their mobile device to review, approve or reject expense claims while they’re out of the office, reducing the time to reimbursement and gaining real-time visibility into spend.

The platform automatically populates expense claims using electronic receipts from airline, hotel, restaurant and ground transportation companies. Prebuilt certified Financial Connectors integrate travel and expense data with data from your ERP, CRM, HR and Financial Management systems, giving your team a timely, accurate and complete financial picture.

It will also automate the P-Card process from employee purchase to general ledger and, for centrally-billed cards, it matches pre-approved expenses to invoices for fast, accurate reconciliation.

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Key features and benefits

Web-based expenses capture and processing is the easiest and quickest way to reimburse employees

Use Smartphone for capture of receipts and authorisation of claims

Fully integrated with your Financial Management, HR and Payroll systems