Software Integration

The key to joined up processes and thinking


We are experts in integration

Your Spend Management processes do not operate in isolation, they work hand-in-hand with your core financial management systems. They may also work in conjunction with key operational systems and, increasingly, they exchange information with your suppliers and their systems as well. Any true Spend Management suite therefore relies on close integration.

However, integration can be challenging for those that don’t understand, or have experience of, those various platforms and systems. At Touchstone, we draw on 35 years of solid experience of deploying Financial Management systems such as Infor SunSystems, Dynamics GP, NAV, AX, and more recently D365.

We combine that with our specialist knowledge of Spend Management platforms to ensure we completely understand the full end-to-end flow of data and information that underpins all the core purchasing and procurement processes. That’s why we are considered integration experts as much as Procurement specialists.


A tightly integrated suite of software

The Purchase-to-Pay (P2P) and Source-to-Contract (S2C) solutions, as part of a broad Spend Management suite, are already tightly integrated with each other but also with the most popular ERP and Financial Management systems, as well as with a wide range of industry-specific and special-purpose operational systems. Our solutions can be integrated with limitless types of software applications from financial/ERP, to Facilities Management, HR, Property Management and Works Order systems.

Our solutions are Finance-system agnostic and ideally suited to deploying as an umbrella platform across multiple ERP systems where information is otherwise in siloes. Integrating each of these systems with our universal Spend Management platform brings uniformity, consistency and visibility across the whole enterprise.

Integration methodology and data points

Our dedicated technical integration team brings many years of experience as well as an extensive toolset to your project to make sure that your integration phase goes smoothly. Each implementation includes a data modeling phase to define the data flows needed to support end-to-end business processes across the platform. Although every organisation’s systems environment is different, we understand that most process flows between them require the same data and we have developed a large number of standard, common integration points.

Integration Diagram

Standard Integration Points into P2P

Nominal/General ledger Accounts – we will upload your existing ledger codes to avoid rekeying within P2P

Suppliers/Vendors – the core finance system often remains the master source of data so we upload supplier records to P2P.

Users – User profiles in P2P can be maintained via AD or from a feed from your HR system.

Payments – Supplier payment status is usually returned to P2P, giving visibility to users outside of finance

Standard Integration Points from P2P

Purchase Orders - Purchase Orders created and approved in P2P are sent to your Finance/ERP system.

Punch Out - Users are guided to a supplier’s website and return their basket of goods to P2P for onward approval

Invoices – Supplier invoices are entered into P2P first for matching before the invoice data is passed to the Finance/ERP system.

Receipts – Receipting in P2P will allow for better commitment reporting from within Finance.