Our Partners

We've researched the market and chosen the best solutions

PROACTIS are one of the leading source-to-pay software authors in the UK. They have been developing software which helps control every element of indirect spend since 1996 are widely acknowledged to be forerunners in the field – it’s why we choose to work with them. Aligned with Touchstone Spend Management’s unrivalled project delivery and integration experience, the partnership has delivered over 250 successful projects in 30 countries, and proven itself to be the most effective way of getting spend under management.

Effective Expense Management can deliver huge savings to organisations of all sizes. That’s why we choose to work with Concur, one of the leading expense management software authors in the UK. Using our integration expertise we have ensured Concur to PROACTIS (or indeed any other ERP or P2P system) projects deliver savings on multiple occasions. We not only partner with Concur on expense management but also on entry level AP Automation projects; helping organisations taking their first steps towards AP efficiency gains.

EASY Software UK is a provider of integrated document and content management technologies. We partner with Easy to provide us with best-in-class Document Management solutions, including Easy Invoice, to work alongside our Source to Pay offering to help automate our clients businesses, improve productivity and efficiency and to meet increasing regulatory requirements.

The Touchstone Advanced Reporting tools are powered by ETL Agile, a business intelligence and reporting solution developed specifically to meet the needs of our Spend Management clients who need to bring together information from our Spend Management applications with their existing finance and operational systems data into a single reporting database. The solution can then be combined with a wide range of reporting, data visualisation, dashboard and BI tools to deliver true business insight.

We chose ETL Agile not only for our client’s needs, but also our own. We use it ourselves to rapidly extract, transform, and load data from multiple application sources into a data warehouse and dimensional cubes, using a user friendly ‘point and click’ tool, and can thoroughly recommend it.

Targit is an incredibly flexible, easy to use business intelligence and analytics decision-making platform. That’s why we chose it as our own preferred data visualisation tool as well as recommending it as part of our suite of Reporting solutions for our clients. It helps us, and our clients, make better informed decisions based on greater visibility of key metrics.