13. 07. 20 Peter Layzell

Coronavirus – Covid-19 Touchstone Spend Management Statement

The Coronavirus outbreak does have the potential to impact our business, therefore this is our company’s current position for Customer Service & Support Planning and is subject to review and change based on Government advice or confirmed cases of Covid-19 in our community

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13. 03. 18 Charles Fotheringham

Leading estate agent group to implement PROACTIS Contract Management solution with Touchstone

The deployment via PROACTIS hosted services will allow the organisation to better manage their contracts in place.

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13. 03. 18 Charles Fotheringham

UK Bank to Maximise Financial Control and Efficiency with Touchstone Spend Management

Touchstone Spend Management are pleased to announce that Hampshire Trust Bank have gone live with PROACTIS Purchase-to-Pay.

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06. 03. 18 Charles Fotheringham

Interview with a Procurement Consultant: Why CIPS is Important for Application Consulting (Part 2)

Dave Wilson gives some specific examples of how his study of CIPS and his application of that knowledge has benefited his clients.

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27. 02. 18 Charles Fotheringham

Interview with a Procurement Consultant: Why CIPS is Important for Application Consulting (Part 1)

This week we caught up with one of the Lead Procurement Consultants at Touchstone Spend Management, Dave Wilson.

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15. 02. 18 Peter Layzell

Procurement isn’t purchasing: the rise of the procurement department

The need for procurement to work alongside the various business units and stakeholders to help achieve savings has never been greater.

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26. 01. 18 Sarah Price

Can software be good for your health?

We often think of technology helping us in terms of fitness apps and calorie trackers, but it can also help us improve our health in the workplace.

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22. 01. 18 Charles Fotheringham

Announcing Freshdesk

From February 2018, the Touchstone Helpdesk is moving onto a new, cloud based Helpdesk system, FreshDesk.

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30. 11. 17 Charles Fotheringham

ERP: The All-inclusive Dream

For advice on selecting and implementing a spend management system, contact Touchstone Spend Management.

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30. 11. 17 John Chapman

Information, Decision and Meaningful Results

There is data all around us, collected in millions of transaction lines across multiple databases, all waiting to be analysed. Yet it is more than information that is required.

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