13. 07. 20 Peter Layzell

Coronavirus – Covid-19 Touchstone Spend Management Statement

The Coronavirus outbreak does have the potential to impact our business, therefore this is our company’s current position for Customer Service & Support Planning and is subject to review and change based on Government advice or confirmed cases of Covid-19 in our community

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09. 07. 19 John Chapman

Why People need to 'Know before they go'

Today people can – and do – prepare for every aspect of any experience, big or small. Whether they’re taking a vacation across the globe or dining at a neighbourhood café, people have a low tolerance for surprises.

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05. 12. 18 Charles Fotheringham

Welcome to the team Emma!

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19. 03. 18 Peter Layzell

The Increasing Importance of Supplier & Contract Management

Over the last couple of years, regulatory scrutiny over the supply chain has increased significantly, and presented procurement professionals with a new challenge.

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